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"Hafa Adai"
by Johnny Sablan
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Since  2-3-2000

Hello and welcome to Hafa Adai Land, the Pereda family webpage.  My name is Jess and I am originally from Guam; located in the Western Pacific region; but now live in the Saint Louis metropolitan area with my wife, Linda.   My sons, Vernon and Brian and their families also live in the area.

When we first published this web site; it was entirely for recording family events.  The intent was to captured through words and pictures family history in the making.  In other words, post the pictures and say a few words.....But, it has grown way beyond that.

Since then, we have added numerous (non-family activities) pages such as the Guam Room and Saint Louis Room.  We also added a Family Recipes page and included a good selection of links to other web sites, to sort of balance it out.  
Further expansions brought us the family birthdays page and we also added a
Pic of the Week page for your viewing enjoyment.  

So, you know what is happening back on Guam, we added the KUAM (up to the minute news) on your right and links to the Pacific Daily News and Pacific News Center right below it for all the latest news from the Islands.  

To liven it up a little bit; we added a Celebration of Life page and as an after thought; included a Billboard (on your left) for announcing family celebrations
(weddings, birthdays, anniversaries), "holiday Greetings" or just to say "Hi!".

Next, we came up with Tearjerker pages to sort of (that right!) --- balance it out.  One of our page,  "What I've Learned" will make you smile, laugh, and cry.  And if that doesn't make you cry, then our other page,  "From the Other Side" will.  
Also, visit our "Who Said That?" page for quotations from famous and not so famous peoples and "Taps" for the story on how the haunting melody used at military funerals first got started.

Ever wonder what to do with those jokes and "gotta read this" e-mails you get everyday?  We have......the really, really good ones make it to our   Live, Love, and Laugh page.  

After all that mushy and funny stuffs; a visit to our Music Room (this page may not open quickly due to the music is loading) is a logical order of transition. From the music room, you can just lay back, relax, and listen to some of our music selections.

If you are planning a trip and even if you are not; you must visit The Travel Page.  It has information on cities, countries, and you can even learning a foreign language.  But, if you just want the current time and weather then visit our Time and Weather page.  A quick currency conversion?  No problem, just visit our Currency Converter page.  Flights Information to Guam?  Click here.
If you can access the web on your PDA or cellphone, visit Jess mobile homepage and type the URL (website address) onto your mobile device web browser.....then you can check your email; read the Pacific Daily News, KUAM News, or visit other mobile websites while on the road.

For those of you that are military retirees or veterans....visit my Retiree News website for the latest news on benefits, healthcare, pay, and other information.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of Hafa Adai Land. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so drop in any time. If you got questions, comments, or suggestions, drop us a line.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!!!


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