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What's New

Jess & Linda Pereda
Belleville, IL

Additions and Updates

- Guam Trip 2007 Photo Album - Photos of our trip to Guam
- Jess Mobile Homepage - Link to my mobile homepage
- Pereda Family Recipes - New recipes with pictures and background music.
- Guam Photo Gallery - New pictures added and redesigned.
- Music Room - Listen to some traditional Chamorro Songs.
- Favorite Links - Page reorganized and new links added.
- Linda's Page - Linda new webpage and photo album
- Family Events - Redesigned with new photos added.
- Photo Albums - Added new albums and photos added regularly.
- Live, Love, and Laugh - Its a collection of e-mails jokes and other cool stuffs.
- Who Said That? -- New items added regularly
- Pic of the Week -- Updated every Monday morning Central Standard Time.
- My Family - Links to all the family pages on one page plus photos.

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