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Family Events

Christian being baptized
Dressing Up
Photo from Brian & Gina's engagement party.  Photo taken by Ken Kornblum
Hanging out With Friends
Brian and his friends.  Photo taken by Ken Kornblum
Brotherly Love
My grandchildren....Tiarra and Christian
In the Swing of Things
A New Wheel
Brian's car
A Serious Discussion
Jess & Shadow
It's a Party
Taken during Brian & Gina's engagement party by Ken Kornblum
Taken during Brian & Gina's engagemetn party by Ken Kornblum
Father &Son
Jess & Brian....Photo taken by Ken Kornblum
A Friend's Wedding
Leslie, Lori & Vern.  Photo taken during Chuck & Lori Taylor's wedding reception
Another Wedding
Brian and Gina Wedding, 9th Street Abby, Saint Louis, MO, 6-15-02
Before the Ceremony
Brian, Jess and Vernon in front of 9th Street Abby in Saint Louis prior to Brian's Wedding Ceremony, 6-15-02
Baby Landon
1st Birthday
Landon eating his own personal cake with mom, Gina and his cousin,Tiarra Paige watching
Visting Family in Oklahoma City
Another Christening - Miss O
My niece, Jenny Rose and my grandson, Landon.
Las Vegas Vacation
Tying the Knot - Las Vegas Style
Jess and Linda on front of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas
Jess and Linda getting married in Las Vegas
Visiting Family in Florida
Lunch Chamorro Style
My cousin John and his wife, Chai and my nephew, Johnny in their backyard in Middleburg, FL
Linda, Chai and cousin, John
A Toast to Friends and Families
Cutting the Cake
Jess and Linda toasting the guests during their wedding reception (Island Style) - Sep 4, 2005
Jess and Linda...cutting their wedding cake during their reception - Sep 4, 2005
Guam Vacation - At Two Lovers Point
Lunch at the Guam Hilton