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Family News

Hafa Adai Todos!!                                                                      

Here what's happening in our family...........

January 3 - Our dog, Shadow passed way.  Shadow is a sweet and incredibly smart dog and the best little companion anyone could hope for.  He was brave and so responsible.  He took his job of watching out for family and household so seriously.  Everywhere we look, we are reminded of his sweet smile.  Rest in peace my friend.
- Also on January 3, Linda's daughter, Sarah's daughters, Elizabeth and Savannah, had their tonsils, adenoids out and tubes put in.  They were brave and so sweet.  Gram stayed with them a couple of days during their recovery.  

January 11 - Celebrated our oldest granddaughter Tiarra's 13th birthday.  We actually had two different for her and her friends and another one at our house for the family.

February 6 - Linda's granddaughter, Elizabeth celebrated her 5th birthday with family and friends on Feb 17th due to sickness in the family...

February 9 - Back in Guam, my sister, Chilang celebrated her 67th birthday.  Happy Birthday Sis!!!

February 9 - Jenny came into town from Atlanta to attend a friend's funeral in St Louis.  Linda picked her up at the airport and both attended the funeral.  She left for Atlanta the next day.

February 23 - My youngest granddaughter, Olivia celebrated her 3rd birthday with families and friends.

February 24 - Pereda Family dinner at our house.  We actually do this one or twice a month if not more for no reason at all other than to visit with family members....and for grandpa and grandpa to spoil the grandkids.

Month of February - Linda worked with Social Work p.r.n. at a Senior Community in Valley Park.  She had fun and enjoyed the job.

March 12 - Pickup our new dog, Smokey from a kennel.... a couple of hours from home.  He is a Miniature Schnauzer like Shadow (black and brown) but a lot smaller.  He is currently in training before we let him have a run of the house.

March 14 - 16 Jenny went to Florida to visit with brothers, Dean and Ant, she doesn't admit how much she misses those boys!

March 19 - Linda's daughter's Sarah underwent an ENT surgery.  Linda spent a couple of days taking care of her.  Sarah's live in St Charles County, Missouri which is  approximately an hour drive from our house - well it should be an hour.  There is a major section of Interstate closed due to upgrades and now because of so much rain - flooding of many roads and thoroughfares.  

March 22 - Smokey is becoming more at ease with us and the house after only 10 days of living with us.  Linda calls him the "Artful Dodger" (Oliver Twist reference).  He tries to steal everything he can carry to his kennel area by the doggie door.  We have found all kinds of stuff.  He a bit Kadoku (Chammorro for crazy) so he fits right in.  Maybe we should name him Kadoku....too late now!!

April  - Grandson, Christian played his first soccer game on April 5.....scored two goals.  On his second game, he scored a total of 5 goals.  Not bad for a first timer huh?  Entire family were there to cheer him on.  Way to go Christian!!!!

May 12 - Linda's birthday and she also started a new job with LSS Hospice Care....her dream job.

May 23 - Tiarra (13 years old) graduated from the 8th Grade.  During the ceremony, she was recognized as a member of the Junior National Honor Society.  Her brother, parent and grand parents were all there to witness this joyful occasion.  

May 25 - A graduation party for Tiarra was held at the Clubhouse with classmates, friends, and families.

Jun 30 - Our grandson, Landon Andrew (Brian's son) turned Five (5) today......his birthday party was held at Gina's parent house in Saint Louis.

Jul 12 - Got a new rescued dog from a puppy mill....he is a schnauzer like Smokey but a little bigger, with black and gray color.  His new name is Ma'tot.  Ma'tot is 3 years old.

Oct 2 - Jenny arrives St Louis to attend a religious seminar and stayed with us during her visit.  Had a family BBQ in her honor and to celebrate her birthday (Oct 3).  She left for Atlanta on Monday Oct 6.