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My Wife, Linda

Hello and welcome to my page!!!! My sweet husband decided I needed a web page of my own so here goes! I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO - just across the river from where we live now.

I'm a fan of my home city: its restaurants, symphony, network of non-profits, institutions of higher learning, museums, history, tourist attractions, and most of all the Cardinals. With all of these wonderful assets in our neighborhood, you'd think that is what would hold us here -nope.

The majority of our family is here. I have two wonderful children from a prior marriage, Sarah and Zach. Both of them are married to wonderful people and have 2 children each. Sarah lives across the river and through the woods to St. Charles County in the country in a beautiful home with farmland and woods surrounding. She and her husband, Kevin have 2 daughters - Elizabeth Alice and Savannah Grace. Of course, they are precious.  Zach (He is in the Navy) lives way down in Florida with Lori and they have 2 sons - William "Xavier" and Isaiah Joseph. Of course they are precious also!

My sister Di and I are best friends. She lives across the bridge in St. Louis County with her hubby ,Jim, of 28 years. We enjoy experimenting with new foods from all over. We've never run out of conversation, we can be on the phone for an hour and then meet for dinner or errands and still jabber nonstop. It's a sister thing. And now it's a granny thing - we can't stop talking about those grand babies!

I have my master in social work from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE). I work with LSS Hospice Care in St. Louis and absolutely love my job.

So if you're driving around the Saint Louis area and see a white car with the license plate "KADUKA 1" (yes, I am crazy too) that is me. Wave and say hi. Just email us - we'll be able to share some great ideas for experiencing St. Louis Metro area!

The background music is entitled, "The Doggie in the Window" by Patti Page. The song was Number 1 on the Top 40 Chart the day Linda was born.