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August 2007
Taken: Sep 2000

Taken: Feb 92

All About Me

Hafa adai todos hamyo!! My birth name is Jesus (pronounced "hay-soos")  
(familian 'Matot"). I was born and raised in Chalan Pago. While growing up
in Guam, I was mostly known by my nickname "Dong." Nowadays, I also
answer to "Jess," "Chief," or "Grandpa."

I Left Guam in late 1965 to join the Air Force (The avoid being drafted). I came
home in 1970 for a 4 year tour at Andersen. I never plan on making the Air Force
a career; but I was having so much fun, I forgot to get out. I stayed in for over 28 years.
here's by story.

I am a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and currently residing in Belleville, Illinois
near Scott Air Force Base with my wife Linda. Linda is formerly from nearby Saint Louis, MO.

I moved here from Wichita Falls, Texas in late 1998, to be near my two sons....but specially
my two grand children (got four now). Before that, I had lived in Dayton, Ohio; Spangdahlem,
Germany; and Tacoma, Washington to mention a few.

This is home now. So, if any of you are visiting or passing through the Saint Louis area
(City of Saint Louis and Metro East -- Belleville, Fairview Heights, and O'Fallon, IL)
let me know. And while you are here and you just happen to see a black SUV with an
Illinois license plate, KADOKU1-- well, that me -- cruising the highways and byways.


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