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Pereda Family
Hafa Adai!!  Here's a little background on my family. Like other Chamorro families, my ancestry stretched across two oceans; from the Pacific Ocean (Guam) to the Atlantic Ocean (Spain).  I am of Micronesian and  Spanish descend (a true modern day Chamorro).  There are three clans (Familia) in the Pereda family hereditary in Guam.  There are the Ga'bit, Don'ne, and the Ma'tot.  I am from the Ma'tot Family.  

I am the youngest son of Antonio Perez Pereda and Maria Rosario Pereda (from the Village of Chalan Pago), both deceased.  I have two siblings.  My oldest brother, Vicente "Ben" died in 1987 (He left behind a daughter and two sons) and my sister, Cecilia  "Chilang" Pereda Taitingfong still live in Chalan Pago.  Chilang has 6 children and 16 grandchildren scattered all over the island.

I have two sons (Vernon and Brian) who are fully grown and out making their own furtune.....You will be reading about them in the next few pages   

Through the years and being away from home, I have lost touch with other family members outside my immediate family, especially on my mother side (Rosario/Cruz).  I will also love to hear from the other Pereda ("Don'ne" and "Ga'bit") clans.....If you are out there and you think we are related, I love to hear from you -- drop me a line.

The background music is a traditional Chamorro song
courtesy of Raymond Baza of Brown Bag Audio Productions