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Photo Album 1
For photo information, place "pointer" on top of photo
Christian Xavier - Age 2
Tiarra Paige - Age 6
Christian a little older

Vernon, Leslie, Christian, Tiarria and her friend.
Leslie, Tiarra and her friend - hanging around  
Christian sitting on fireplace drinking and thinking what else he could mess up
Vern dealing with customers and his partner, Henry (walking behind him) at their business (Fantasy Motorsports) in Fairview Heights, IL
Vernon's BMW in front of his business...Car is for sale.  [
Vernon taking with customer at his shop
Brian and Gina again (Photo by Ken Kornblum)
Attending an induction ceremony Brian graduation - McKendree College
The William Taitingfong Family
With my sister, Chilang Taitingfong
Last enlistment - Spangdahlem AB, Germany
Vernon, Leslie, Brian and Tiarra

Jess in Paris, 1990
Jess and Brian in London
The original Statue of Liberty located in Paris, France
Brian with Scott, Emylee and Teayre on front of a British cottage in England
Shadow (Schnauzer)

Smokey Smokey
 Auntie Beck (Sanchez) and some members of her family ..Fermina Pereda Sanchez Pickelsimer, Anita Pereda Sanchez, Claudia Rene Sanchez Pickelsimer (Sister), and Patricia Pereda Sanchez.
My first landscape design yard in Tacoma, WA - 1981 (That Brian on the yard)
This was my house in Texas - This is what it looked like in summer of 1995. Landscape by Jess
This is the same yard - Photo taken in Sep 1998 - The center island is shaped like Guam