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Photo Album 2
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Christian Xavier Pereda, Age 1
Tiarra Paige Pereda, Age 4 1/2
Tiarra Paige Pereda, Age 5 Tiarra Paige Pereda, Age 3 Christian being baptized
People attending Christian christening

Brian and Gina (Photo by Ken Kornblum) - May 2000
Brian & Gina (Photo by Ken Kornblum)
Brian and Gina engagement photo

My Late Brother, Ben's Family
My niece, Jennyrose Pereda (Okla City)
Dean & Jenny in front of 9th Street Abby in Saint Louis, MO (attending Brian's wedding)
My niece, Jennyrose
Jenny's sons, Tyler and Aaron
Jenny and son
Evelyn Pereda and her son, Anthony
Dean's son, Kayne
Dean's kids....Kyle and Kayla