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Photos from Old Family Album

A young Jess Pereda - Around 1968
A childhood best friend - The late Joseph Quintanilla
A meeting in the war zone - Met up with another childhood friend - David Unchangco
Jess with Leif Erricsion in Pleiku City, Vietnam
AF Sgt Jess Pereda (Ton Son Nhut AB, Vietnam)
My brother, Ben and friends
Jess with Vernon and Brian, Early 70's
Jess, Evelyn, Vernon and Brian
Vern & Bri
Vern on his way to his first day of school in Naha Air Base, Okinawa
The Nishihara Family - An old family friends.  Were with us in Okinawa and later in Omaha, Nebraska
Brian first snow in Bellevue, Nebraska, Jan 76
Vern & Bri in Umatac overlook
My late brother Ben and members of his family
Vernon  at about 17 years old
Brian as a teenager
Al and Tita Valenzuela 
First Cousin, 1982
Vernon as a teenager
My Auntie Chong with my cousins, Rick Valenzuela and John Pereda
A Family Picnic during a visit to Guam, approximately 1983
William, Naomi, Billy, and Raina Taitingfong