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Our Dogs, Shadow & Rocky

Hello and welcome to our page.  My name is Shadow and I am a miniature schnauzer.  I am  6 years old and unlike the rest of the family, I am a native of Illinois - born and raise here.  My color is salt and pepper with brown mixed in.  My master (Jess) but I called him Dad rescued me from the Belleville Animal Shelter and I'll be forever thankful for that.  

He also thinks he is the "master of the house" but we all know I am the real "boss" around here.  For instance, I got him to build me an entry way (cut a hole in the wall) where I can go "in or out" whenever I choose.  He did this because he got tried of opening and closing the back door for me.  

I do have a job and I do it quite well......home security.  I also monitor the TV attached to a video camera aimed at the front of the house.  When I see someone coming up the driveway,  I let him know.  The only problem is I am not always reliable....sometimes I fall asleep.  But, don't worry he has installed a backup system just in case.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, I'm also learning Chamorro.....I know "boka" (eat) and "gimen." (drink) -- two of my favorite words.....Bye for now!

Hello!!!  I am Rocky and I am the newest member of the family.  As you can see I am a Chocolate Lab.  I am  approximately 9 years old and I came from the neighboring state of know the "Show Me" state.  I, too was rescued from an Animal Shelter and I'll be forever grateful to Linda (mom) for that....
that place was not very say the least.

You know that "hole in the wall," Shadow mentioned above....well it's bigger now so I could go through myself...does that make me the "boss"?  I don't think so.  But its so wonderful when I can go "in and out" whenever I want ...and that my friend is the greatest gift you can give this old dog....I just can't hold my bladder like I used to.

Like my brother, Shadow......home security is my job also and Shadow taught me everything I needed to know....from doing perimeter checks, screening visitors at the front door and monitoring  the TV screen located in the office....Its getting more complicated now since we now have cameras aiming at the front and backyard.  But between the two of us......we do a great job. Hope you enjoy reading about us.

Rocky passed away on May 14, 2007
He had such a wonderful life with Mom, Dad and brother - Shadow. He lived out his 12 or 13 years (nobody is really certain) contentedly with a family that loved him and cared for him deeply. We greatly miss him -
Rest in Peace Roc!

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